Half Round Ridge Tile

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Half Round Ridge TileRoof Tile

Half round ridge tile; It is an integral part of roof tiles. It is a roof tile accessory applied in roof tile applications to cover the breaking points of the movements on the roof. One side is narrow, one side is wide and overlapping is applied. The roof ridge tiles are somewhat similar to the Ottoman tiles. There are some important issues to consider when making roof ridge tile applications.

  1. The roof tiles that are under the roof ridge tile should be cut properly and assembled in place.
  2. Purlin transport profiles should be fixed with screws or nails at 50 cm intervals.
  3. The wooden slats of 5cmX5cm must be fixed horizontally with screws or nails on the transport profiles.
  4. The roof tile ridge vent band is placed on the horizontally fixed wooden lath, centered and fastened to the wooden lath with fastening wire.
  5. Before the roof ridge tile tape is glued onto the roof tile, dust and similar particles on the tile should be cleaned and the ridge tape should be glued onto the roof tile. When bonding, make sure that the flexible aluminum foil adheres properly between the roof tile pitches.
  6. After the roof ridge tile band application, the roof ridge tiles are applied by screwing them with the ridge fixing hook and connected to each other with clips.
Piece weight
~4,0 kg
Quantity in 1 pallet
100 piece


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Half round ridge tile


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